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History and Benefits of Gold Plating in Dubai

Gold is a collaborator from the transition metals and sits in a similar occasional table section as silver and copper. The gathering that gold can be found in is regularly named the ‘coinage metal’ bunch since its individuals are much of the time used to deliver cash. The assembling of strong gold articles has consistently […]

All about Electroplating Dubai

There is no magical power than can change a cheap metal into a rare and expensive one. But we do have something better than alchemy and that is electroplating. Electroplating harnesses the power of electricity to coat metals like copper with a thin layer of something better, like gold or silver. This gives the resultant […]

Benefits of Metal Coating

Metal coating is simply applying a metallic cover on a surface that is conducive. The metals used for metal coating in the United Arab Emirates are typically longer lasting and more resistant to corrosion/abrasion Electroplating uses electric currents to deposit metal coating on the substrate by dissolving the metal using an electrolyte solution. Physical vapor […]