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Welcome to Classic Metal Coating LLC

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Metal Coating in UAE

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Gold / Silver plated

Metals are less expensive and they have the same antibacterial effect and utility as their pure silver/gold counterparts.

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Nickel and Chrome

Gives highly reflective and durable silver chrome finish, characteristics also produces a highly decorative appearance.

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Antique finishes plating

Gives an authentic aged look to the products which has the properties like; decorative appearance, wide range of colour option and lacquering suitability which adds extra lustre and durability.

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The journey started in 2006, and passed many mile stones with its own trademark jobs all over UAE, GCC and proud to contribute & to be a part of the following prestigious projects

Expo 2020, Dubai International Airport, Abu Dhabi International Airport, Dubai Metro, Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, The Emirates Mall, Dubai Marina, Dubai Festival City, Dubai Healthcare City, The Meydan City, Damas Group, City Walk, Blue Waters Island, Atlantis Hotel, Radisson SAS Hotel, Sheraton Group, One & Only Royal Mirage, Le Meridian, Oberoi, RITZ Carlton, Renaissance, BURBERRY shops, Bateel, Anotah, XXII Carat Luxury Club Villas, Yas Mall, Saadiyat island, Al Reem Island, Yas Island, Masdar City, Jewel of Creek, etc.,

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Gold Plating in UAE

Gold plating: Gold electroplating is a technique by which gold is placed on

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Silver Plating in UAE

Silver plating: Silver plating protects against chemicals, as well as acids. It is

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Antique Finishes Plating in UAE

Antique finishes plating give an authentic aged look to the products which has the

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Brass Plating in UAE

Brass Plating: Brass plating is an excellent option for light set steel and

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At Classic Metal Coating, with uncompromising standards you get your dream fulfilled with the type of finish as per your requirement to make your home, office, business areas, whatever it may be, into a delightful one to watch.

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Many products we use primarily indoors or in a dry setting for decorative purposes where they are unlikely to suffer from corrosion. Without losing the original metallic effect, these items are chemically coated with a thin layer of nickel, gold, silver, antique, etc. to make them attractive to the consumer. This layer is known as electroplating and is renowned for corrosion and rust prevention. The most common use of our electro-plating components is in malls, branded shops, hotels, Interior decorations, Fit-Outs, jewelry, Sheets, Claddings, HandRails, Frames, Corners, Skirtings, Stands, Channels, Profiles, etc. Our signature decorative items featured with different kinds of electroplating make us a well-known brand.

Classic Metal Coating provides optimally integrated processes in order to meet the exceptionally high-quality standards for decorative surfaces, where even the slightest amount of contamination contributes to defects. In terms of overall process costs, these systems are environmentally sustainable and streamlined.

What is Electroplating?

Electroplating is the mechanism by which an electro-deposition is applied to another piece of metal (or to another conductive surface) using an energy current. The deposited metal becomes part of the current product in electroplating through plating/coating.

For electroplating a metal, it needs to generate an electric current with two different metals, an electrolyte solution, two electrodes, and battery or other energy.

Electroplating usually offers a more luxurious finish to cheaper metals and adds certain properties such as anti-corrosion and anti-rust.

There are many factors why a leading surface of metal should be coated. In the case of silver- and gold-plated items or silverware or decorative items, the appearance and value of these objects are usually enhanced. Chromium-plated items enhance the look and wear of artifacts. Electroplating can also be performed to increase an object’s thickness.

The most widely used Finishes in electroplating are:

  1. Antique
  2. Brass
  3. Copper
  4. Gold
  5. Silver
  6. Nickel
  7. Chromium
  8. Black Nickel
  9. Rustic
  10. Patination

Benefits of Electroplating

Luxurious and Decorative Look/Appearance: Electroplating may provide the decorative characteristics that increase the attractiveness of the product and improve its functionality while meeting the esthetic requirements.

Forms a Protective Barrier: A barrier on the substrate is created by several types of electroplating that protect it against atmospheric conditions such as corrosion. It can also enhance the heat resistance and if the underlying metal is brittle, make the piece stronger against impacts and shocks. It also increases the longevity of the metal.

Helps In Reducing Friction: A nickel plating can reduce the build-up of friction in certain materials such as electrical connectors. It makes the components slide more easily across adjacent surfaces, without heating or scraping. Nickel plating increases efficiency and decreases premature wear and tear.

Adhesion added: Copper is often electrically mounted on an item when it needs a smoother and more consistent finish. It is the best way to apply a coating with other materials, either for adhesive or additional plating.

Enhances the metals’ thickness: In manufacturing processes where the extreme thickness is required, electroplating is becoming an extremely common preference. The thicker the coating is the more durable and wear and tear-resistant it is, meaning it can last longer. It enhances the overall consistency and improves the substrate’s durability.