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Metal Coating services in uae

Metal coating is simply applying a metallic cover on a surface that is conducive. The metals used for metal coating in the United Arab Emirates are typically longer lasting and more resistant to corrosion/abrasion

Electroplating uses electric currents to deposit metal coating on the substrate by dissolving the metal using an electrolyte solution. Physical vapor deposition turns the metal into a vapor which then condenses on top of the substrate.

The metal coating protects its underlying metal from scratches or impact and therefore extends the lifespan of a product.


Overlaying a metal with another metal plate protects it and makes it last longer. The treatment keeps it from wearing out and disintegrating. The plating improves durability and makes it resist abrasion and corrosion better.


Metal coating makes original metals look better. When the metallic item is polished, the flaws, scratches, pits, and rough edges are smoothed out. After this coating, it is easy to process the product and achieve any desired surface finish – glossy, matte, or textured. It is also easier to color the product after metal coating. When a surface is already polished, you can metal coat it using electroplating and achieve an even better finish – almost as glossy as a mirror.

Ordering a metal coating in the UAE might seem like an extra effort but it extends the lifespan of a product exponentially, making the extra cost more than worth it.


A metal plated product is much easier to clean because it has a smoother surface. Dirt and germs cannot stick to a smooth surface because you have an easier time cleaning them. With a smoother surface, you can clean without necessarily using harsh chemicals.


Gold is a noble metal which does not corrode or oxidize. Gold is not affected by moisture or heat, which makes it safe from the elements and better able to resist wear and tear. With gold plating, you enjoy the properties of gold without the cost.

Silver is also a noble metal. It solders well and is easily cleaned and polished, even when it gets dull. Silver also conducts electricity excellently. Silver gives you a matte finish, not as bright as gold though it shines as long as it is polished occasionally.

Antique items in the United Arab Emirates need metal plating because they are vulnerable to damage and corrosion. Most of them are already rusted. Metal plating breathes new life into an old antique.

Nickel is mainly applied for decorative purposes. Copper cannot be used to plate on iron without a nickel base coat.Brass items, copper, nickel and chrome are good for plating.

We offer gold plating, silver plating, brass, copper, and nickel metal plating to our clients in the United Arab Emirates.