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Electroplating in Sharjah

Electroplating is a form of electro-deposition. It is the process of deposition of the material over a surface by using an electric current. The process uses a thin layer of metal deposited to the workpiece surface termed as a substrate.

The aim behind electroplating in Dubai and other UAE regions is to change the physical properties of an object by giving it protection from corrosion, wear and tear, or to enhance the aesthetic appeal and give a luxurious appearance to any surface or area. Electroplating is an advanced technology and was done many centuries ago.

Main uses of electroplating

It is mainly used for the improvement of the aesthetic appearance of any base material. It is used for many purposes across multiple industries. The major uses are as follows:

  • Building a thick layer: Electroplating is used for building a thick layer of the substrate through the progressive settlement of a thin layer of metal over a surface
  • Protection of surface: Electroplating companies in Dubai and other UAE states include metallic coatings on the substrate to protect its surface from any outside damage.
  • Lending different properties: Electroplating allows the substrates for benefiting from the properties of the metals with which they are plated. Taking an example, some metals are protected against corrosion, improvement of electrical conductivity, etc.
  • Improvement of appearance: Electroplating improves the appearance of a substrate. The plating gives a pleasing look to the material by coating it with a metal/alloy layer to improve the surface quality and uniformity.
  • Aesthetic outlook: Gold and silver coating give lustrous look to the shopping malls, outlets, hotels, offices, and many other places. This look gives a royal feel to the visitors and adds to the value of any place.

The process is done with the individual metals or with the alloys (combinational metals) for providing additional value to the electroplating process.

Some of the commonly used electroplating concepts are as follows:

  • Gold: It is an expensive way of coating and offers high resistance from corrosion, wears resistance, and gives the most aesthetic appeal to any surface. UAE is renowned for gold and electroplating in Sharjah and all the other parts of the UAE are done to give a rich look to any object. Gold resists corrosion, protects from heat, and reduces reflection.
  • Silver: Silver is another precious metal. The silver coating is done on various items to give a shiny and lustrous look. It has antimicrobial properties, higher conductivity, better toughness, strong chemical resistance, low-contact electrical resistance, and a rich look. It is relatively cheaper than the other precious metals.
  • Antique finishing: The aged look for the products looks attractive for decorative appearance, decent luster, and gives a durable option to any surface. This finishing gives a dull-gold effect that looks antique and very beautiful in its way.
  • Copper: Copper is the most common metal used for giving a brownish tone to any item or surface. It is used for the improvement of adhesion between the material layers.
  • Brass plating: Brass is a great option for light-set steel and other decoration elements. The corrosion resistance for brass is lower and it is an excellent substitute for gold.
  • Rustic Patina: It is the way to decolor the subject to the atmospheric conditions for any chemical reactions. It gives a trendy and rustic look to the hotel interiors, partitions, artifacts, and railings.
  • Nickel & Chrome: Nickel and chrome give a highly reflective and durable steel kind of finishing. You can obtain a bright finish, resistance to corrosion, lustrous appearance, and high ductility. Nickel alloy plating is also available in a black finish to give a unique look to any element.

The cost of electroplating in Dubai and other UAE regions is dependent on the price, substrate composition for the desired result as the key factors.

Benefits of Electroplating

The benefits of electroplating are as follows:

  • Protective barrier: Electroplating is a barrier on the substrate and protects it against environmental problems. The barrier can protect against corrosive action caused by the oxygen in the atmosphere (oxidation process). This process creates a long-lasting effect on the components and hence, it stays for a longer period.
  • Improved hardness: Electroplating is often used in the construction industry for the improvement of strength and durability of materials and making them less susceptible to damage from any outside stress or rough usage. The quality of the material increases and the lifespan of plated parts reduces the requirement of replacement.
  • Better appearance: Electroplating with precious metals gives them a lustrous and attractive look. It gives an aesthetic appearance to the surfaces.
  • Electrical conductivity: Copper and silver-plating help in the improvement of electrical conductivity in parts by offering an efficient and cost-effective solution for improving conductivity in electronics and electrical components.
  • Heat resistance: There are several metals including gold and zinc are resistant to high temperatures and improving the substrate ability for resisting damage caused by heat. This process is done eventually to improve the lifespan of plated parts.

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