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metal coating in sharjah

If you are looking for metal coating in Sharjah to protect your metallic components and objects from damage, you can look for various options for electroplating in UAE to secure your objects. The electroplating companies in Dubai protect the metallic parts to a variety of corrosion types, including:

  • Localized corrosion
  • General corrosive effect
  • Caustic agent corrosion from the chemical exposure
  • Galvanic corrosion due to electrical contact
  • Stress cracks

There are many different protection coatings done by the metal coating companies in Dubai for the prevention of metallic parts from wearing off. There are different processes done electroplating in Dubai with electroless plating, sputtering, spraying, and completion of coverage of vulnerable metallic surfaces.

Many protective coating materials could be chosen with their different processing and each one is designed for addressing the specific end-use environments. It is essential to keep in mind the regulatory issues and environmental terms while choosing a coating. The formulation of the metallic coatings could be done for meeting the cure time, gloss, VOC, and the desired properties.

Common Coating Process for Metallic Substrates

There are different types of coatings used for the metal substrate in different ways. These processes include:

  • Electroplating: This is the ion plating process that alters the ionic makeup of the surfaces such that the electrolytes, caustic agents, and moisture can less likely cause corrosion. This method is an ideal option for complex surfaces that couldn’t be coated in any other way. Electroplating in UAE can be done through the various experts in this field.
  • Hot dipping: In this way, the parts are submerged in a liquid coating. The process is used for the metallic parts facing extreme conditions or having the complex geometry that makes it difficult to follow the other ways for coating.
  • Brush or Roll Coating: This is one of the simplest ways for applying a paint layer that is a protective coat by the paint filming to make the surface corrosion-free. This is the most common option for the surfaces where all the areas can be easily reached, mainly for the field-applied coatings.
  • Liquid and powder sprays: Liquid spraying might be due to the paint or other coatings to the complex areas that are tough to reach with a brush or roller. It makes use of the electrostatic charge for covering the substrate with a powder coating. There is more energy required for the larger and the denser parts for this purpose.
  • Electroless plating (Conversion): There is a set of processes that transforms the surface layer of the material into a corrosion-resistant surface.

Benefits for coating metal parts

Some of the benefits of coating metallic parts include:

  • Durability and surface strength for the high-contact parts
  • Easy lubrication for fasteners and other parts that result in improved torque
  • Resistance to damage due to corrosion, abrasion, chemicals, electricity, or operational wear and tear
  • High-quality aesthetics, mainly with polished surfaces
  • Electrical conductivity useful for commercial and industrial uses

Metal coating solutions are used by almost every industry, including aerospace, warehouses, storage tanks, food-handling, architectural, consumer goods, fasteners, marine, Petro-chemical, automotive, small components, and other segments.


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