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Common Properties and significance of all these metal finishes include: Resistance to oxidization, High reflectivity of light, Highest electrical & thermal conductivity, Excellent ductility (pure gold), Excellent solderability (gold and silver). Precious metal electroplating process is used to decorate and protect a wide range of everyday items from household furnishings including lamps, cutleries, luxury bathroom fittings, buildings, interiors, etc.,



Gold Plating in UAE

Gold plating: Gold electroplating is a technique by which gold is placed on the surface of another metal object with a thin coat or a layer.

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Silver Plating in UAE

Silver plating: Silver plating protects against chemicals, as well as acids. It is a great choice when used in decorative  applications for to its luxurious, authentic

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Antique Finishes Plating in UAE

Antique finishes plating give an authentic aged look to the products which has the properties like; decorative appearance, wide range of colour option and lacquering suitability which

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Brass Plating in UAE

Brass Plating: Brass plating is an excellent option for light set steel and other decorative elements indoors. Brass plated items do not have high corrosion resistance.

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Rustic Patina: It is the decoloration of the surface of an object because of extended exposure (6 to 36 months) to atmospheric conditions, oxidization, and various

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Copper Plating in UAE

Copper plating offers a variety of benefits due to its malleability, conductivity, corrosion resistance and anti-bacterial qualities. Processes of copper plating may vary in composition to

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Nickel & Chrome Plating in UAE

Nickel & Chrome gives highly reflective and durable silver chrome finish, characteristics also produces a highly decorative appearance with a coating that has a high mechanical strength and the

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